Schooled!: Student President

Serene Siren is in her classroom when a fellow teacher, Sheena Ryder, drops in for a visit during break. There is no missing the flirty energy between them as Sheena lightly teases that she had a lot of fun earlier… But instead of making Serene hot, she becomes nervous as she reminds Sheena that they shouldn’t be saying such objects at school. You-know-who could be listening…

That’s when Brooklyn Gray strides purposefully into the classroom. Even though Brooklyn is only a school president, it’s clear that SHE runs the school as both teachers exchange anxious looks. They become even more nervous when Brooklyn announces that she’s there to do her weekly inspection to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Brooklyn then interrogates them, asking them what they meant when they referred to something ‘fun’ earlier. Although Serene and Sheena make thin excuses, it’s obvious that they’re hiding something, and Brooklyn is determined to get to the bottom of their lies. Going on a hunch, she smells their fingers, and Serene and Sheena finally admit to having fooled around together without Brooklyn being present, which is against Brooklyn’s rules.

Brooklyn is NOT pleased and orders the disobedient tutors to bend forwards over a desk. It’s time to punish Serene and Sheena with a good striking to remind them who REALLY rules the school!

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