Been There, Done That

Charlie Valentine, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client, Evan Stone. When he arrives, however, he admits that although he likes Charlie and respects her parlor, he just isn’t getting the sort of results he needs from the massages he’s had. Consequently, this will be his last massage with Charlie.

Charlie is dismayed but suggests that before Evan moves on completely, he try another type of massage she’s just been trained in. This new massage is called NURU. Charlie briefs him on the details of it, and although he isn’t expecting much, Evan agrees to try it out. They both strip down, and Evan lies down on the mat.

Charlie straddles Evan and pours the gel over her naked body. When she slides her body against his back, he remarks how nice it feels, complimenting the warmth of her breasts. To Charlie’s joy, it seems that Evan is loving this new massage. When Evan flips onto his back, Charlie slides on him some more. At one point, Evan is clearly turned on, his penis rock-hard. Charlie smiles and offers to give him the happiest of endings.

They have sensual, erotic sex, using the gel to accentuate their pleasure. Though it’s true that Evan may have been there and done that, he certainly hasn’t done THIS. From his reaction, he’ll definitely be back for more!

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