I’m Bi! – Adira Allure, Jesse Stone and Cesar Xes

Cesar Xes is visited by his friend Adira Allure, and her husband Jesse Stone. The duo only got married six months ago, so this is Cesar’s first time meeting Jesse… or is it? After Adira leaves to make a phone call, Cesar reveals that he remembers seeing Jesse having sex with guys at a party last year. Jesse asks Cesar not to tell Adira that, because Adira thinks he’s straight. Cesar says that he’s been friends with Adira long enough to know that she would actually be delighted to find out that Jesse is bi, but he agrees to keep Jesse’s secret anyway.But maybe he won’t need to keep it a secret for very long, because Adira comes back and says that she would love to have a threeway with Jesse and Cesar! The sex starts off with both guys caressing Adira, while she strokes and sucks on their cocks. As the action continues, the two males spit roast Adira, and then Jesse strokes Cesar’s cock while continuing to fuck Adira. She is excited, and the males continue to pleasure each other while also pleasuring her!

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