The Job Interview

Ana Foxxx, a ruthless executive, is busily typing away on her laptop while speaking with her boss, Ms. Mars, on her earpiece. Through the conversation, it is revealed that Ana is interviewing candidates for a prestigious marketing position. Ana hangs up and promptly calls in the last candidate, Korra Del Rio, who is anxiously waiting in the next room.

Korra stumbles into the room, obviously flustered by Ana’s corporate-hard stare. Before Korra can start her pitch though, Ana takes charge and circles around Korra, scrutinizing her and making quite clear just how lucky she is to be interviewing for this position. She then instructs Korra to change into one of the high-fashion outfits hanging in the corner.

Korra partially undresses as Ana stands close, looking her body over with satisfaction. Sensing this, Korra asks if Ana can help her take her bra off, and she does. Ana then kneels in front of Korra and instructs her to pull down her underwear, revealing Korra’s cock. Ana can’t help but slip it into her mouth, sucking Korra off before they both get fully undressed and have erotic, energetic sex all around Ana’s lavish workplace.

Korra definitely sets herself apart from the other candidates, but will it be enough? Watch to the end to find out!

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