Skinny Teenager Pixie Allie Addison Gets Fucked in a Voyeuristic Scene

In this voyeuristic scene, we watch from behind a slightly opened door as tiny teen Allie gets hot and heavy. An older man runs his hands over her flat chest and pulls down her underwear. Allie is so lost in the sensations she doesn’t even notice you watching her, but even if she did, she would be i, nto it.

Allie gets her pussy eaten from behind while on all fours. She and the guy notice you watching, but that only makes it hotter for them. After cumming from getting her pussy licked and fingered, Allie sucks this guy’s cock as deep as she can take it. She looks angelic with her golden curls framing her face and blue eyes while she looks up at us with a mouthful of man-meat.

Allie bounces on his cock, then the guy takes the reins and pounds her while she’s still on top. She gets in reverse cowgirl so we can see her tight butthole and her pussy lips gripping his shaft. The pace picks up when she’s in doggie-style and the guy is gripping a fistful of her curls. He pounds her pussy some more while she’s on her back and then squirts a big load all over her tongue. After a fucking like this, Allie is going to want someone to watch her every time.

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