Neighborly Greetings

Kenna James and Aiden Ashley, a les couple, are tidying up in their kitchen. But then Kenna notices two women moving into a nearby home, and her gaydar immediately pings. Aiden reminds her that they need to finish cleaning the kitchen, but Kenna insists it’s okay to take just a petite break to greet their beautiful new neighbors. Aiden relents, and they head over to welcome the new arrivals with a basket of muffins.

The new neighbors, Ariel Demure and Jade Venus, are surprised to receive visitors already. But Ariel loves muffins, so despite Jade’s reminder that they still have a lot of unpacking to do, Ariel happily invites Kenna and Aiden inside. Once they’re all comfortably settled on the couch, Kenna asks the new neighbors if they’re a duo. Ariel and Jade confirm that they’re two lezbos who are romantically together.

The four chicks all build camaraderie together as they bond over being lesbians, though it soon becomes obvious that there’s not just a mutual understanding between them, but also a spark in the air. That’s when they realize they can bond in another way that only lesbians know how to do: a foursome!

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