Neighborhood Watch… And Learn!

Katie Morgan is looking out the window when she notices her new neighbors, Paige Owens and Penelope Kay, moving in. She calls her wife, Nina Elle, over to have a look. Katie and Nina are immediately attracted to their new neighbors and wonder if they are a couple. Regardless, both females lustfully agree that Paige and Penelope are worth a closer look.Outdoor, Paige and Penelope have finished moving all their boxes. They embrace, revealing that they are indeed a lesbian duo. Just then, Katie and Nina walk over and introduce themselves. After exchanging some pleasantries, they invite Paige and Penelope over for dinner that night. The young partner gratefully accepts.

Sometime later, the four chicks are chatting in Katie and Nina’s living room. The seasoned chicks start to bring up their own sexual histories, expressing how MANY lesbian experiences they’ve had and how their relationship is quite open and free. Paige and Penelope are a bit dumbstruck: they’ve only seasoned each other’s bodies, and definitely haven’t experimented as much as Nina and Katie have. Eventually, it is revealed that Paige and Penelope have NEVER tried anal. Nina and Katie excitedly suggest that maybe they could guide the younger partner through their first lez anal experience if they would like. They start by suggesting that Paige and Penelope kiss each other in front of them, just to warm up. This leads to the young duo making out with Nina and Katie, after which they all start to undress and go even further.

Paige and Penelope abandon themselves to a lesbian foursome with their new neighbors, letting Nina and Katie’s experience guide their way to sensual, asshole discovery.You can always watch, but if you ask Paige and Penelope, the best way to learn something new might be to dive right in!

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