BBW Kitty Cute: Pink Kitty

Here’s a life-size XXL doll many would like to play with all day and all night. BBW Kitty Cute is a sexy doll in her pink, tight dress. Her bra was specially fitted to hold her huge and heavy tits. A proud member of the Romanian boob squad that includes Mia Sweetheart and Roxanne Miller, Kitty loves posing and taking selfies. She found her calling.

“Kitty was always asking someone to take her picture, and she’d get into these pin-up poses,” said one of her photographers during the On Location North Coast shoot in the Dominican Republic. “Kitty’s a real mama’s girl. She was on her phone with mama back home in Romania the whole time. I found this very charming. Like I said, she’s a real mama’s girl. You don’t see that with the American girls.”

“Big boobs mean awesome power over men,” Kitty said . “Girls with big boobs get more attention. That is a fact. I like guys that respect busty girls.”

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