Kiana Kumani

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Kiana is angry. She has been catfished twice online and is starting to think she is never going to get laid. Talking to her stepbrother, she finds out that he has had the same problem so the two decide to help each other out. She lets him hold her hair while she sucks and throats his penis, nearly gagging on it. He takes her panties off, lays her back on the bed, and buries every inch of his big penis in her tight, shaved pussy. Kiana is so horny it doesn’t take long before she cums all over his dick, spraying his shaft with her sweet juices. He gives her the nail she has been craving, moving her all over the bed so he can hit it from different angles. When he is ready to cum, he pulls out of her pink pussy, stands over her, and unloads his balls all over her pretty face and into her hungry, wet mouth.

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