I’m Gonna Buttfuck Your Teenager Girl #01 – Maya Woulfe & Prince Yahshua

Maya Woulfe is sitting with Prince Yahshua in his living room when he gets a call from her parent. Apparently, they are looking for her, but Prince doesn’t reveal that she is with him. In fact, Maya came to see him in confidence. When Prince hangs up, Maya explains that she ran away from home since her parent is overbearing. She just can’t take it anymore and asks if she can crash at Prince’s house while she figures out what to do.

Prince considers this and asks Maya what sort of rent she is willing to provide in return for her safe lodging. Maya suggests that she can just stay in Prince’s bed. That way, she won’t be taking up a room and rent won’t be an issue.

Prince jokes that if he finds her in his bed, she may very well get banged. To his surprise, Maya seems very into this idea. This changes everything, and Prince admits that he’s been very interested in ‘tapping that ass’ for quite some time. They can’t resist any longer, and Maya gives Prince a sloppy dongsucking, followed by Prince flipping her over for some raunchy sex and amazing, tight anal.

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