Trans Encounter – Adira Allure & Angelina Please

Adira Allure is in a heated argument on the phone because her girlfriend has been ghosting her lately. What’s worse is that Adira still sees her girlfriend posting pictures all over her social media, including pictures of her with other women! As the argument intensifies, it leads to a breakup, which crushes Adira.That’s when her friend, Angelina Please, happens to drop by. Angelina is sympathetic and invites Adira to come to her place and hang out, not wanting her to be alone right now. Needing companionship, Adira easily agrees as they share a comforting hug.Later, they also share a bath together to help Adira unwind. As they chat, it’s revealed that Adira has a bad habit of dating ladies who are bad for her. But she thoughtfully reflects that she’s always dated cis chicks… That’s when Angelina curiously asks if Adira’s ever been with a tgirl chick before, to which Adira admits that she hasn’t.Sparks fly as Adira’s eyes drift down to Angelina’s penis. Although Angelina is surprised, she’s down to be a rebound!

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