Her First Tgirl Encounter #01 – Korra Del Rio & Spencer Bradley

Spencer Bradley is house-sitting when she notices Korra Del Rio, a total stranger, enter the backyard and begin sunbathing. Perplexed, Spencer goes out to investigate and learns that Korra is a neighbor who has an arrangement with the house-owner to use the pool and spa area. Spencer is promptly convinced, and upon Korra’s suggestion, agrees to put on her bikini and join them for a sunbath.

A few moments later, Spencer and Korra lounge outdoor, relaxing in the sun. They exchange short talk, and it is soon revealed that Spencer is a lezbo. Korra’s interest is piqued, and it’s clear they find Spencer to be super hot. Korra asks if Spencer has ever been with a dude, to which Spencer replies that although she’s been penetrated by strap-ons and other toys, she’s never felt what it’s like to have an actual dick inside her.

Korra then reveals to Spencer that they are tgirl, and Spencer notices Korra’s penis getting harder underneath her bikini bottom. Spencer seems intrigued by it and mentions that she has no problem with dicks themselves, just the masculinity that goes along with them. This might, indeed, be a totally new experience for Spencer, and she’s eager to see if Korra is willing to experiment with her.

Unable to hold off any longer, Korra and Spencer run inside to have steamy, exploratory sex with strap-ons and cocks alike. Judging by Spencer’s lovely reactions, this might be the first of many transexual encounters for her.

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