Erin Star: Lipstick Nipples

Erin Star takes off her tight clothes and sexy bra and panties to show you her fleshy mommy body for your admiration. Erin leaves lipstick traces on her perky, supple nipples as she plays with her succulent, heavy-hanging tits and does a boob dance. She rubs her pussy, and after fingering her pink c, ookie, Erin fucks herself with a giant rubber cock. Making the jerk-off motion with her free hand, Erin instructs us to keep pace with her.

Erin and big sister Helen are celebrities back home. “Women and men admire us. We can’t go anywhere without getting attention, even when we wear loose clothes. Some women are jealous. You can tell by the looks on their faces.”

Erin said she’s the most outgoing of the two. “We will see a guy and talk about him. Or I will say to Helen, ‘Do you like him?’ I think that is what most sisters do.” Voluptuous magazine editor Dave calls Erin “The girl with the dazzling sucklers.”

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