April Aniston Lets Her Mom’s Boyfriend Slam Her in the Ass

April goes looking for cash in her mom’s drawer, and even though she doesn’t find any money, she still hits the jackpot. That’s because she find’s mom’s butt plug, and mom’s boyfriend is more than happy to give her a demonstration on how it works.

He works the bejeweled toy into April’s tight ass and tongues and fingers her slit. The slender blonde teen returns the favor by swallowing his long pole. She gets on all fours to keep on ‘suckin’ and spreads her cheeks so we can see the butt plug still in her ass.

Now April’s trying something new. She lets mom’s boyfriend fuck her with the toy still in her ass. She’s never been double stuffed before! With the plug in, April’s already-tight pussy feels even tighter.

“Show me what it feels like to get fucked in the butt,” April says.

The boyfriend obliges. He also shows her what it’s like to get cum in her mouth, but we have a feeling April already knew what that feels like.

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