Anything More I Could Do

Tori Easton greets her boyfriend, Mason Lear, who has just come home from a stressful day at work. As they cuddle up, it’s revealed that they have a cute routine where Tori gives him a shoulder rub on stressful days, and Mason ESPECIALLY needs it today…

Tori sidles in behind Mason and gives him a brief shoulder rub, but when she starts feeling him up to initiate sex, which is also part of their routine, Mason gently stops her. He’s just had such an exhausting day and he’d like to skip sex because of a headache. Tori is understanding as Mason soon drags himself off to get washed up before bed.

After Mason leaves, Tori frets about how stressed he’s been lately, and wishes there was more she could do to help him. She then becomes thoughtful as she grabs her laptop and does an Internet search. She then lights up as she finds something promising…

Another day, Mason returns home from work, very stressed again. When Tori greets him, she tells him she has a special surprise for him: a nuru rubdown. Mason is stunned as she shows him a romantic setting, though is worried he still might be too tired to enjoy it. But with a sweet kiss, Tori tells him not to worry about that.

Once they strip down, Tori climbs on top of Mason and drizzles him with massage oil. Slowly and tenderly, she rubs her naked body all over his, pressing her breasts and dick against him. As Mason gradually calms down, he is hit with just how wonderful Tori is, which leads to a sensual encounter that takes away the stress for BOTH of them.

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